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Show Entry Deadline Approaching

We are approaching the deadline for show entries for the upcoming show and conference.  Note that all entries must be sent to the show chairman by Monday, September 22, 2014 (this coming Monday).  No late entries will be accepted.  Each person showing fish will be assigned a number and each of their entries will be assigned a division and class.

The show room will be available on Friday of the show at 5:00 PM and fish can be placed into the tanks at this time.  All fish must be in tanks by 10:00 AM on Saturday morning.  No late arrivals will be accepted.  Each show entry costs $3.00 which is payable when the fish are placed into the show tanks.  Fish can be removed from Show tanks after the awards ceremony/pizza party Saturday evening.  All fish must be removed from the showroom by 10:00 AM on Sunday.

 Judging of Show Entries

Show entries will be divided by Division.

    Division A will be for Asian and American Cichlids.

    Division B will be for Malawi and Victorian Cichlids.

    Division C will be of all other African Cichlids.

    Division D will be for non-cichlids.

    Divisions will be broken up into classes as fish are entered into the show.

Plaques will be awarded to the best fish in each division and the best fish in show as well as the people’s choice. The show chairman will determine which classes will be judged after seeing how many entries are received for each class.  You can get an idea about the potential classes by looking at the classes listed for previous shows under the show tab above.


Fall Show and Auction – September 26-28, 2014



September 26 – 28

at the Hilton Garden Inn, Irving

2001 Valley View Lane, Irving, Texas 75061

(972) 313-2800

Texas Cichlid Association will conduct an all-species fish show, provide informative speakers and host huge live and silent auctions on September 26-28, 2014, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Irving (the usual location). Speakers at this time include John Nicholson and Greg Steeves. Page Ullman will be taking show entries until the Monday before the show. Cost is only $3 per entry. Contact Page at (817) 905-8184 or ullman8@charter.net if you wish to show fish. Classes are shown on the TCA website. Classes with less than 3 entries will not be judged. Show setup will begin Friday morning at the hotel. Volunteers are needed to help set up and then tear down on Sunday morning. Tanks will be available at no cost for out-of-town participants to hold their auction fish until Sunday. These tanks must be reserved in advance by calling Page. NO SELLING OUT OF HOLDING TANKS WILL BE ALLOWED.

Registration cost for the weekend is $10, or $5 per day. In lieu of an awards banquet, there will be a pizza party Saturday evening in the show/speaker room at about 7:00. If you wish to participate, cost will be $10 per person, $5 per kid age 12 and under, payable no later than 3:00 Saturday afternoon. A sign-up sheet will be at the registration table. In connection with the pizza party, there will be a short speaker presentation, and then show winners will be announced. Show entries cannot be removed from the premises until after the Best in Show winner is announced.

Registration for Sunday’s auction begins at 10:00 a.m., with the auction to start at around 11:30. All items should contain your seller mark (usually your initials – check with the registration table to make sure they are not  being used by someone else) and an item number. All plants, some  driftwood, spawning  caves, some  used equipment, and miscellaneous small items will be sold in the silent auction and should be marked as if they were being sold in the live auction. Most club donations will be sold in the silent auction.

Once again, Deep Sea Aquatics has donated a beautiful tank and stand which will be raffled off on Sunday at the end of the auction. Raffle tickets can be purchased throughout the weekend from the registration table for $1 each, or 6 for $5. Additional raffle items will be given away Sunday during the auction.

If you have any questions concerning this event, please contact the following individuals:

Mike Johnson (903) 880-3565          Page Ullman (817) 905-8184            Alan Young (817) 683-7659


August Meeting – A Cookout – Is Scheduled For August 23rd

Our August Meeting will be a cookout at the home of Alan Young and Debi Swan.  The date has been set for August 23rd and Debi & Alan will be grilling hot dogs.  They will prepare the accessories (cheese, relish, chili, onions, etc.), but ask that everyone else bring things like potato salad, pasta salad, chips, dips, sweets, veggies & dip, etc.  Bring anything you want that goes with a cookout.  Iced tea and water will be provided, so if you want anything else to drink, please bring it.  Be sure to toss a lawn chair in your car since it will probably be needed.

Alan and Debi live at 1201 Brookvalley Drive, Arlington, Texas 76018, as shown on the map below.

We will start eating at 7:00 PM, so you should plan on arriving between 6:30 and 7::00.


  Be sure to set aside the evening of August 23rd for a fun time.


Catfish Convention in DC Scheduled For October

Here is a link to a brochure about the convention.


Marvin & Kathy go to this most years.  If you want more details they would an excellent source.





FOTAS Coming This Fall

The FOTAS 2014 Website is now online:    http://www.candrtropicals.com/FOTASHCCC/index.html

It is a while until FOTAS, but not too early to set aside October 24-26 for the great time FOTAS always brings.


FOTAS 2014 Flyer

FOTAS 2014 Flyer


Spring Auction Scheduled For May 4th


 TCA will be hosting the Spring 2014 auction

Sunday, May 4th at the

Hilton Garden Inn DFW South

2001 Valley View Lane, Irving, Texas 75061

(972) 313-2800

This is the same location as our past several auctions (map below).  Most of the details will be familiar to those of you who have attended our auctions in the past.  And once again we are offering the “Buy It Now” option for a portion of the items.

Scene From A Recent Auction

Scene From A Recent Auction


Each seller will be allowed to place 25% of his/her bags on the “Buy It Now” table with a clear BIN price marked on it up until 12 Noon.   They must be handed to the TCA BIN Table Co-Ordinator(s) to be placed on the table.  After 12:00 PM no more items can be placed on the BIN Table, and no BIN prices changed.   They can be purchased at that price on a first come – first served basis.  As you can see from the schedule below, buyers can begin entering the room at 10 AM and are free to look over the BIN items.  However, no items can be removed from the BIN Table until High Noon.  Starting at 12:00 PM they can be picked up and taken to the Buy It Now Purchase Table (near the Registration Desk) and have those items charged to their bidder number.  Note that means all BIN purchasers must have a bidder number – even if they only plan to buy at BIN prices.  The Silent Auction will begin shortly after the regular live auction starts.

So four differents things will be taking place – somewhat simultaneously.

 Live Auction  Only Live Fish, rocks, and tanks over 20 gallons allowed
 Silent Auction  All items not listed above, including plants, tanks 20 gallons & under, decorations, etc
Buy It Now Table  Open from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM.  Have Fun!!
The Raffle.  Buy tickets at the registration table at $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.


More specific details are below, but first I want to discuss the schedule.

 8:30 AM Latest arrival time for TCA members to arrive to help with setup.
 9:00 AM Registration will be open for sellers only.
 10:00 AM Registration Table will be open for buyer registration.  No buyers allowed in until after registration.
11:00 AM Live Auction will begin.  BIN table does not open until Noon.
12:00 PM BIN table open for viewing and purchases until 2:00 PM All items removed from BIN table must be immeadiately brought to BIN Purchase Table (near Registration desk)  No BIN prices can be changed from this point.  No additional items can be placed on the BIN Table.
 2:00 PM BIN table will close.  All remaining BIN items now must be bought in the regular auction.  That table will be the last to be sold.


Just A Small Part Of The Available Items

Just A Small Part Of The Available Items





Bidder Looking Over The Silent Auction Table

Bidder Looking Over The Silent Auction Table



Detailed Auction Rules are the same as in the past – with the exception of The Buy It Now table.  This link will take you to those rules for review:



Take special note of the Buy It Now portion of those rules since they will be closely followed since this is only our 3rd time to try this option.

Map of Auction Location



Tour of Universal Rocks planned For April 12

Our April meeting will be held at Universal Rocks (805 Shepherd Dr.  Garland, TX  75042) in east Dallas on April 12 at 3:00 PM.  We will be getting a “behind the scenes” tour to get a good look at all the great aquarium and water garden decorations they produce.

Universal Rocks Brochure

Universal Rocks Brochure

 Among their products are lightweight rocks, internal backgrounds, and other aquarium decorations.  They are very lightweight and look amazingly real.

After the tour we will all go to a nearby restaurant and have dinner together.  It will be both an educational and fun afternoon.








TCA Swap Meet Coming March 2nd

The next TCA swap meet has been scheduled for March 2, 2014 at the

Hilton Garden Inn DFW South. 

2001 Valley View Lane, Irving, Texas 75061 

(972) 313-2800    

Bring your new and used fish keeping equipment (in good working condition), rent a table for only $30 and sell, sell, sell!  Each seller keeps all sale proceeds. No admission fee for buyers.

Fish and plants being sold must be bagged appropriately in order to prevent water spillage.  No tanks will be set up.

Hall Scene At Swap Meet

Scene From An Earlier Swap Meet. We had so many sellers, we had to spread into the hallway.


Sellers can arrive to select a table location starting at 10:00 AM.  Table locations can be selected on a first come first serve basis, so you want to be there by 10 to get an early choice.  No one will be allowed in until 10 AM, but you can get in the seller table selection line if you arrive a bit early.

Buyers will be allowed in starting at 11 AM. And the sale will run continuosly until 3 PM.

Many sellers have signed up for a table but we could still find space for a few more sellers.  You need to immediately contact Marvin at the e-mail below to reserve a space.  If you just show up Sunday morning hoping for table space there is no guarantee a spot will be available. 

Swap Meet Main Room View

Scene From Main Room At Earlier Swap Meet


For more information, please contact Marvin England at (903) 244-3993 or  marvinengland@hotmail.com





Next Monthly Meeting Planned For February 15


The February monthly meeting will be held Saturday, February 15th at the home of Ernie and Shelia McAnally beginning at 7:00 PM. Their address is 605 Aberdeen Way, Southlake, TX 76092.   If you need additional directions, you can call Ernie at 817-329-2096.  A map can be found at the end of this post.

Two of our members, Jim Hall, President of NADA, and local discus expert John Nicholson will give a talk about keeping and raising Discus.


Discus Fish

Discus spotted at last year’s TCA fish shop tour


Those who have visited Ernie’s house in the past know he has several very nice aquarium setups.  Here are a few pictures from past years.


Ernie's Cichlid Breeding Rack

Ernie’s Cichlid Breeding Rack



One of Ernie's Beautiful Aquariums

Kathy Admiring One Of Ernie’s Beautiful Aquariums



One of Ernie's Discus Tanks

One of Ernie’s Discus Tanks



Fish statue

Here’s Another “Fish” You’ll See At The McAnallys’ Home


Here is a map to help you find the meeting location.  See you there.




Monthly Meeting Scheduled For Saturday 1-18-2014

We will meet Saturday night at 7:30 PM at El Fenix, 3911 W. Airport FWY, Irving, TX.  In case you don’t recall where this restaurant is located, you can check the map located at the end of this article.

El Fenix

El Fenix Restaurant


Two things are on the agenda.

        1.  It may be hard to believe, but  2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the first time TCA hosted the ACA annual convention – in San Antonio.  So this seems like a perfect time to share pictures and stories of the many ACA conventions our members have attended.  Here is how you can participate.

a.  Bring as many pictures as you can come up with of ACA’s you have attended.  So whether you have attended one or many, bring what you have, sorted by ACA event.  My guess is we have someone from TCA at every ACA held from sometime prior to 1994 in San Antonio up to last year.   We will have some images scanned and projected, but really do also need lots of “hard copy” pictures to share.  One possibility is to mount some of your pictures on poster board and share them that way.  If school kids can do “Show & Tell”, I bet we can too.

b.  Even if you don’t have pictures, I know you will have some interesting/fun stories to share. So just come ready to share some good memories you have.  help us remember the special moments from over the years – and some of the people who are no longer with us.

c.  We will also have a couple of contests – with prizes for the winners (there are rumors the winning prizes may be $10,000 cash - or something else).

2.  Officer elections will also be held.  We will have some open officer positions and hope many of you will toss your name in the hat to run for office.  We elect 4 officer positions every year:

a.  President

b.  Vice President

c.  Secretary

d.  Treasurer

In addition 3 board slots are needing to be filled.

I will tell you what I know about these slots.  I (Ralph) indicated last year that I needed someone else to run for President this year.  I have been President or Vice President for more years than I can count, so someone else needs to step up.  Mike Johnson has finally agreed to run for President, but it would be great if we had several others throw their hat in the ring for this position.  Since Mike plans to run for President, that means the VP slot is wide open.  We need some of you to run for that office.   Page has been secretary for a few years and to the best of my knowledge may plan to run for that office again.  But it is possible he may want to run for something else or even take a break, so it would be great for some of you to get in that race.  Finally, David has been Treasurer for many. many years and I suspect intends to run there again.  As mentioned earlier, we have 3 board positions open and anyone who has not been on the board in the past year can run.

While it is not a constitutional rule, I would suggest the 4 officer positions be filled by people from 4 different families.  That is a couple decide which will run for an office and if both want to serve, the other can run for the board.

If you want to run, reply to this post with a comment include your name and the position you want to run for.  I will create ballots – and write-ins are also welcome at the meeting.

So to wrap up, bring pictures and memories from past ACA Conventions, and also pick and office or board slot and help make 2014 a great year for TCA.