Braz Walker, perhaps the best known of Texas’ aquarists, set a standard for contributions to this hobby that may never be surpassed. Though paralyzed from the neck down from an accident while a college student, Braz managed to keep, breed, write and photograph a number of aquarium fishes. He published articles in a number of club publications, science journals and aquarium magazines.

Shortly after his death, FOTAS created the Braz Walker Endowment Program in Aquarium Science to honor his accomplishments and as a means to carry forth some of his interests. The program, funded from interest generated by a growing corpus, involves the following:

SPECIAL COLLECTION OF AQUARIUM LITERATURE: One of the earliest efforts of this program focused on accumulating books and magazines that would remain available. This collection, housed at the Sterling A. Evans Library of Texas A&M University, contains a wide variety of books that include simple, introductory ones, those related to a specific topic, and those containing scientific literature. The collection also includes large “runs” of the aquarium magazines, some back to the 1950’s.
RESEARCH GRANTS: On a biennial basis, FOTAS has up to $500.00 for supporting research that enhances the aquarium hobby. Usually these grants go to university students, but eligibility varies, depending upon the proposal. To apply for the research award, submit a two- to three-page description of the project, a budget and a letter of support from an adviser to any FOTAS officer.

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