TCA’s much-anticipated annual Christmas Party was held on Saturday, December 7, at Harrigan’s in Arlington, with a near-record attendance. After a wonderful meal and much visiting and talking fish, the gift exchange began.

Gifts varied widely – from a box of beautiful drinking glasses with Christmas fish on them to a juvenile pair of Melanochromis labrosus spawned from the 2002 ACA Best in Show winner. Luckily there were no fist fights, but there were plenty of fish fights. Jim Lancaster managed to get a sack full of fish food, and Randy Rhoades found himself with a couple of discus.

Good-natured ribbing, harassing, trading and “stealing” are the rule rather than the exception. The only thing you can count on is that you more than likely will not get to keep whatever it is that you get the first time around!

Things worked out well—Jim wound up with the discus and Randy kept the glassware. Nancy and Joseph Clark tag-teamed and managed to end up with the labrosus. As you can see from the picture, Marvin England and John Gilliam are pleased with what they ended up with!

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