At TCA’s Spring Workshop, the first winners of the Breeder Award Program (“BAP”) were announced. The BAP’s purpose is to encourage the captive maintenance and propagation of the various species of Cichlids, and also to recognize the achievements of breeders within our Association. The reason for this is two-fold: (a) captive breeding increases the breadth of knowledge available about the species in question; and (b) it helps to ensure the continued availability of the species within the hobby, without continued importation from the wild.

Any TCA member in good standing with the club is eligible to participate. Participants are eligible to receive awards at several levels, including the BAP Chairman’s Award.

In order to receive an award in categories or the BAP Chairman’s Award, a written report of the spawning must be prepared for publication in the Cichlid Tails newsletter. This report should contain everything relevant to the spawning and rearing of one of the species bred in earning the award. Pictures should be included if possible.

The following TCA members received awards at the Spring Workshop in April:
Diane Stewart, David Andrews, Randy Rhoades, Paul Scarborough, Keith Pearson, D’Wyatt Green, Gary Cooper, John Nicholson, and Marvin and Kathy England.

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