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Show Rules

The show is open to all, and you need not be present to win.   Entry fee is $3.00 per entry.  There is no limit to the number of entries per person.  An entry consists of a single fish, a pair of fish, or a school of fish of the same species.  Only one entry per tank is allowed.


No hybrids will be permitted, except discus.  The Show Chairmen have final determination as to what is and what is not a hybrid.

Depending on the class, all entries will be shown in 10-gallon or 20-gallon tanks provided by TCA.

Tanks for each show entry will be assigned by class prior to registration on April 16th.

Assigned tanks will be identified by your registration number.  Each tank will have both the class and species printed on its label.  No changing of tanks will be allowed. Tampering with or handling of other exhibitors’ entries is forbidden, except as required by the Show Committee.

Any entry not complying with the show rules will be disqualified.

The tanks will be available for set-up at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 16, 2010.  Entries must be in their show tanks by 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 17th.   Tanks, air and tubing will be provided.  Tanks will be filled with dechlorinated water (75 deg. F and pH near 8.0).   No gravel or sand will be permitted in show tanks: however, slate, flowerpots, etc. may be used as long as the judges can remove them.

An entry will be disqualified if it does not comply with the show rules. The decision of the judges and Show Chairmen will be final.  The Show Chairmen reserve the right to disqualify fish based on deformities, illness, poor condition, poor health, or death.

Awards will be given to the Best of Show, Division, and Class winners after the last speaker on Saturday, April 17th. You don’t have to be present to receive an award, although attendance is wholeheartedly encouraged.  THERE WILL BE NO AWARDS BANQUET SATURDAY NIGHT.

Entries may not be removed from the show room until after the results are announced Saturday evening. However, all entries must be removed from the fish room by noon on Sunday, April 18th, or they will be auctioned as TCA donations.  No exceptions will be made!

Neither the TCA nor the hotel will be held responsible for the loss or damage to the fish and/or equipment, or for personal injury before, during or after the convention.

All individuals wishing to show fish are required to pre-register their entries by calling one of the Show Co-Chairmen, Marvin England, (903) 794-3474 (cell 903-244-3993) or Page Ullman (817) 831-7876, no later than April 13th, and reserving the number of tanks needed for their show entries.

Absolutely NO late entries will be accepted!